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Hi Ladies

Hey Lady! So glad you found me and The Club, as they say in the metaphysical world “There are no coincidences” so if you are here you are meant to be here.


On entry you will get a little spotlight moment so that other members know what you are about, so this will include things like if you are new to this world or an old timer. Career or business. Country you live in. And what you desire to manifest…  basically anything you would like to share using the registration form I will send you. This will remain as long as you do. Generally we best connect to people who are like us, so this info is helpful for this reason and also so that we aren’t just names and photos. If you have a business this is also useful because people will know where to go when they need your thing.

On Entry

Here is what's inside:


Each week I will add a video related to manifesting.

Monthly Theme

Each month there will be a new theme and everything will revolve around this, for example Feb’ will be Self-Acceptance & Love. The better you feel about yourself, the better you will manifest since manifesting has everything to do with your vibration, so feeling good about yourself equates to feeling good full stop and all adds to the pot of homemade luck!

Meditation Lounge

A live weekly meditation (on zoom) using the unique meditation style I have been trained in, designed to allow you to ponder on a topic piece and journal out your findings. Hugely beneficial to those trying to find answers from the still small voice within. If you can’t make the session catch up on the recording inside the club when you can (if you want to, nothing is a “must do” in here!). There is also a growing selection of meditations, hypnotic recordings & visualisations to help you manifest, begin or enhance your meditation practice, heal or unlearn. Some of them will be infused with Reiki to make them even more powerful… Did I tell you I am attuned and use Reiki too?


A live monthly zoom room Q&A and a chance to use me hehe, pick my brain if you so wish as well as the chance to have a chat and get to know each other which is a HUGE part of what this is all about. There is nothing better than talking about what you are manifesting like it’s already here… words carry frequencies and your mind does not know whether something is real or not so you will be literally talking it in to fruition in a safe, secret space.


A chance to get together each month to work through some issues and have some deep discussions, all aimed at upgrading you from the core. I will be also be creating soft challenges or reminders to help ease into some new habits. Sound gooood? I think so! I longed to have real live people to chat and share my journey with and to ask questions to and I know other people feel this way too because I hear it… “My friends/hubby/colleagues don’t get what I’m talking about” And that’s ok,

they don’t have to, we’re all entitled to our own beliefs and opinions right? But imagine having a space where you can be 100 % open… how freeing 👌🏾 You will not be inundated in here, you’ll come back each MONDAY to watch the new videos and then come on a FRIDAY to celebrate your wins of the week and anything else good that’s happened. Celebrations are good as they create a high vibe and a big fat Thank You to the Universe. Are you ready to sign up?

It’s only £11 per month right now but this WILL be increasing, this is a whole lot of value, therefore, it will not stay at this price for long but don’t worry, as a founding member you will remain at £11 per month.

Here is the link to join,
details will follow after. So a teensy bit about why I have created this group and a little about me. 



When I stumbled across the movie The Secret some years ago, I wanted more than anything to master manifesting as I knew it would help me upgrade my life, I had two young daughters and a whole lot of dreams in my head. So I set about learning and was determined to master the art of manifesting. Along the way I trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy (this was a manifestation actually as we didn’t have the money for the training, so I wrote it on my post it note and visualised me completing the training as I went to sleep at night and of course it ended up happening… there is more to that story but I digress!) I cleared some blocks, changed a ton of people's lives using RTT but as I got better at manifesting, I also had this niggle about helping people consciously manifest because I love it.
Then during a meditation with my mentor the idea of this club came to me…

I could feel the excitement in my sacral ie the internal nudge telling me to go for it and so it began. My mission is not only to help people manifest, it’s bigger than that… my mission is to connect people on a deep level which is why the zoom sessions are so important to me, it’s to help guide women who are new to the spiritual world and show them the way to receiving what they deserve a happy and fulfilled life. We can hide behind our phones and keyboards all day but what about speaking to actual people and speaking our manifestations into fruition (it’s probably actually one of the best ways to make it happen). So connection AND self-development both mega important to me, without working on myself relentlessly for all these years I may still be the quite one (unless plastered!!) quietly hoping for  magical things to happen but not having the confidence to take any action. So here’s to creating our dream lives


I invite you to click below and join me. 

Much Love


sorry for the delay getting this to you. It's been a busy week. Here's my happy contribution: I'm really enjoying being part of the Club. There is serious value on offer here. Not only do you get benefit of Paula's broad experience, there are recordings and articles to explore too. I am currently listening a recording on creating a positive life and it is already transforming my daily experience. Quality <3

I absolutely love being part of the Club! It is such a welcoming, safe and fun community. Paula is brilliant at providing thought provoking questions, journal prompts and gorgeous meditations, which we have access to whenever we want them. Paula is super intuitive when responding to comments and questions, so knowledgeable. This is the best space to be if you are just starting our on your spiritual journey or if you have been on it for a while! I am so grateful to be part of something so special, Thank you Paula <3

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