What do people really think?

I am so grateful that I had a chance to work with Paula on the imbalances in left and right side of my body. It was a long term discomfort and after trying to solve this problem with other approaches I got to have a session with Paula. She was confident and put me at ease and guided me through the process in the way I felt well taken care of. The best part though was a custom made recording. Her soft voice and right words and phrases cemented the effect of our session and it was a pleasant 20 minutes relaxing listening that made wonders over 3 weeks. My body got back in balance and it was easy to maintain it this way since. Thank you Paula.


Maja Minic

September 2018

Paula is a very skilled therapist.
She is a good listener and really tunes into the important issues that came up in the intake.
Her voice easily takes you to the root cause of your problems. She is very pleasant to work with, knows what she is doing, and has a professional attitude. Without the session I have had with her, I would never have come so close to resolving my weight issues.
I would recommend her to anyone.


January 2019

Paula helped me get to the root of memory issues that have plagued me for years. I have so much clarity now and can see how beliefs I carried over from childhood have been impacting my life in a negative way. It is amazing how much has changed after just 90 minutes with Paula and listening to her soothing and inspirational recording. I can't recommend her strongly enough.   

Thank you Paula, our time together truly was transformational.   


March 2018

I had a wonderful session with Paula for my fear of deep water. It was a great experience. Paula is very professional and knowledgeable and I felt safe and well looked after. Best of all, we went rafting last week and I loved every moment of it!   


December 2018

After 2 years trying for a baby we turned to Paula for fertility coaching. Her consultation was professional, comfortable and really put us at ease. She gave us tips and guidance to help us conceive and after only 2 months I was pregnant! I am convinced that Paula's knowledge and advice was undoubtedly the reason for this. She is truly wonderful and we cannot thank her enough! 

Mr & Mrs Spence

July 2018


I had the privilege to have an RTT session on social anxiety with Paula and I loved it! During the pre-session, Paula made me feel at ease by relating her own experiences regarding the issue and I really felt understood and convinced that she knew the topic very well. And I wasn't disappointed! During the session, I felt well-supported and fully relaxed to go deeper into my emotions and memories and I loved how she knew even better than me what was going on and why I acquired those beliefs about myself. On top of that, she prepared an amazing recording for me that I look forward to hearing every night and helps me feel more confident about myself and my skills with every day that's passing. I cannot recommend Paula enough! Her gentle, reassuring and positive approach is exactly what a person with social anxiety needs! Thank you!


May 2019