The Subconscious Mind 101

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Hello folks! In previous emails and for sure in my up and coming articles I refer and will always refer to the subconscious mind. So today I have decided to write a basic 101 for those of you who may not be so familiar with the inner workings of the mind.

The easiest way for me to explain this is with an analogy. So lets start by thinking about humans as a car. A car has a computer on board and first of all we will take a look at that computer.

THE HARDWARE (the unconscious mind)

The hardware is our DNA, it’s the cells we came into the world with, it is the inbuilt circuit board and without it nothing else can work. It stores all the information needed to connect the other parts and make it run smoothly. It allows our heart to beat, our endocrine system to work and any other non-conscious efforts. This can of course become out of kilter when other external factors affect it’s smooth running, and of course over time it can get worn down if it isn’t taken care of properly with the effects of time and age (although even the aging factor can be slowed down with proper care and attention).

This part of us runs without the need for any conscious work, it just needs to be fuelled and nourished (preferably with the correct type of fuel).

THE SOFTWARE (The Subconscious Mind)

This is the part of us that is programmed, this starts the minute we enter the planet and until the age of around 7 years old it is very easily ‘convinced’ and that is because children below that age are undergoing a non-judgemental developmental stage. This means all experiences, are downloaded into the software as absolute truth and because these truths are being carved into the mind like the grooves on a vinyl record, they may remain there until they are replaced by a more powerful programme, or until they are made redundant by lack of use ie. choosing to replace an old habit with a new one and keeping going until that habit has caused even deeper groves in your record.

Because of easily accepting/ learning/ conditioning we then begin to build our habits based highly on what our training from our early years gave us.

The subconscious mind runs the show, it controls our habits and therefore our actions it is in constant communication with the unconscious mind which holds our memories and remembers and connects everything we have ever smelt, tasted, heard, read and had said to us, it is all there. We may not be able to recall these memories as and when we need them but they are stored in the subconscious and unconscious storage houses of our mind. That is why a smell or a song can remind you of a certain time, place or event.


We are fuelled by our thoughts and emotions as they influence the adrenals via signals from the brain and produce either stress or bliss hormones. The food we eat is also a vital part of the fuel we need to keep our body (the car) and the mind (the on-board computer) going. Fuel it with fluids that are not really meant to be in there (ie. GM foods and foods with a high chemical content), then over time you will begin to feel these effects starting with the odd ache and pain and increasing from there. It will need a lot of gasoline (water) as this is one of the things that really make it run, when you run low on gas you start to feel it right? You start to feel tired and everything starts to become a chore.


Now this is just the shell, the body of the car. A lot of people can really feel down or just not enough if the outer surface (the body) doesn’t look perfect, they may believe they are being judged because they may not have a perfect shiny exterior often forgetting that we are all the same underneath and that we all require the same things to make us run well. If you had two 20KD notes and one was crumpled up and had been through the mill and the other was new crisp and shiny, which one has more value? Neither, they are both worth the same.

Now that I have broken down the mind and body into bite size chunks, I would like to go a little deeper into the subconscious mind, you see human behaviour is a lot more predictable than you may think and that is because the subconscious mind has specific rules that it follows. When you understand these rules, which are universal, you understand why you do many of the things you do. They form the basis of many of the currently accepted personal development theories and I will cover them as I cover different subjects, so this week there are no exercises for you to try, just some information for you to digest. However in my next article I will be talking about another area I work with and that is issues with weight.

But for now, much love until next time.

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