Programming Your Mind For Change

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

When you start to take care of your thoughts, you can begin to change your life. The thoughts we think are so important, they really can make or break us.

Thinking negative critical thoughts about ourselves on a daily basis can ultimately lead to depression, but on the flip side, imagine what doing the exact opposite does for you…

You see we come into the world like mini computers just waiting to be programmed with the best software. You’ve heard the metaphor of children being like little sponges right? And that’s perfectly true; children have a lower brain wave, which means they are able to let in things; they learn more easily. In their waking state, they are in the same brain wave a person goes into when they are hypnotized or deeply relaxed like when in Meditation (One of the reasons RTT works so well is because you are not using your logical thinking mind which then allows you to easily accept new positive habits and actions). Children learn so quickly and accept that what they see and hear is truth because logic comes along a little later in life.

So as kids we run around playing and having fun and all the while seeds are being planted or programs are being set and these become the programs we run off. The problem here is some of us didn’t get the best programming; some of us had negative input from our parents, teachers, friends, bullies and others. Now these outdated programs stay open and running in the back ground when we don’t close them down, just like the windows on our computers and even though you no longer want to use that particular program and it’s of no use to you anymore you will still run off it.

The good news is that we can upgrade those programs and re-program ourselves in a new positive way with self-talk or self-management. By consistently and purposely talking to yourself in a positive way you begin to re-program yourself. You must do this with meaning and purpose each and every day until your subconscious accepts this as truth. Once the deeper inner part of your mind accepts this, things will begin to change for you in a positive way because what you think leads to the actions you take…

“Your thoughts lead to your actions: which lead to your habits; which lead to your results” However, we can take that statement even further…

“Your programming leads to your thoughts; which lead to your actions; which lead to your habits; which lead to your results.”

In other words, your habits, actions and outcomes are created as a direct result of your thinking.

In order to make positive changes I invite you to give this a go:

A good way to get started is to find an area in your life you are not entirely pleased with. Take a few days to observe the kind of things you are thinking when dealing with this issue, note them down and then re-frame the words into positive statements. You could even write and make a recording to listen to. Here are some examples I like that you can adapt to suit you:


‘I know that what I believe about myself is what I will become, so I believe in the very best for myself. I have drive, stamina and spirit, a strong winning attitude and today anything is possible.’

‘Today is a great day and I know I have what it takes to accomplish all I have to do, when I think like a winner I become a winner’


‘I am choosing to be confident, I am choosing to step out of my comfort zone each and everyday, I know the more I do this the easier it will become and being confident will soon be a part of who I am’


‘In order to achieve what I want in life, I make a plan by writing it down, detailing the steps and setting the date when I will achieve it. I choose to live my life by choice and setting goals helps me to stay in control of my life’

When you first begin saying these things to yourself, it may feel a bit forced or false, but keep going, it’s better than thinking the opposite that’s for sure! You may even encounter some dissonance but that’s fine, it’s just the old you trying to keep you as you are (Your mind likes familiarity).

Science has proven that what we say to ourselves has an effect on our mental and, believe it or not, our physical well-being. So give yourself the gift of purposefully programming yourself.

Much love until next time!

Paula Hirst

RTT Practitioner

+965 6569 0294

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