An introduction to Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a new therapy which is taking the world by storm. This therapy was founded by Marisa Peer who has been a therapist to members of the British and Emerati Royal family. She has worked with celebrities and all kinds of influential people. If you’d like to look her up you’ll find her on YouTube as she is a world renowned author and inspirational speaker.

Do you have a habit you can’t kick or a block you can’t get over; such as a lack of confidence or a fear of public speaking? Maybe you have been trying to get pregnant for a while but it’s just not happening for you.

RTT can help with all of these issues. It is a therapy very similar to hypnosis, which accesses the subconscious mind (The part is the parts of us that run our habits and actions and store all our memories) and brings back vivid memories all to do with when, where or why your issue first came about.

Deep in our minds are answers to questions such as;

· Why can’t I lose weight or keep the weight off?

· Why do I lack the confidence that seems to come so easily to others?

· Why can’t I shake that childhood phobia now that I’m an adult?

· Why can’t I become pregnant when the doctors can’t pinpoint anything physically wrong with me or my partner?

You may be surprised to learn that the answers to these questions are within you. An RTT session will help you realise the root cause so you can start to address the issue and move forward toward your goal.

During an RTT session, you will come to understand and question the cause of your issue. Once you understand the reasons for your feeling the way you did, you’ll find it no longer holds the same value, as your life is likely to be very different to how it was when you formed these feelings. For example; when you were a child you may have believed in Santa Claus. At some point, as you grew up, you learned that Santa wasn’t real. As soon as you learned that all the wonderful gifts under the tree on Christmas morning were left there by your parents this part of your life fundamentally changed. (Apologies to anybody I’ve just ruined Christmas for!)

Once we complete the first RTT session, we should have a clear understanding of the issue or issues holding you back. I can then guide you through healing therapies through the power of positive suggestion. It may sound simple but continual positive suggestion is incredibly effective under hypnosis as it bypasses the often critical conscious mind and deals directly with the subconscious. You’ll find you’re having positive results after one to three sessions, hence the name: Rapid Transformational Therapy!

You may have reservations about Hypnotherapy. Perhaps you’ve seen Hypnotherapists on TV or on stage convincing people to make fools of themselves in front of an audience. I assure you RTT is nothing like this! You’ll be well aware of what’s happening during the session and I promise not to make you believe you’re a chicken or sign over all your worldly possessions to me! I couldn’t even if I wanted to as you are always aware of what’s going on.

Most people find they love being in this form of hypnosis. It’s generally very relaxing as the brain waves are the same during an RTT session as they are in deep meditation.

To give you an example of what I’m talking about, take a few minutes to try out the following exercise:

Close your eyes and take some long deep breaths. Allow your entire body to relax and get comfortable then go to a memory from last week. Think of something really positive that happened, bringing in all the details of the scene. For example:

· Who was there?

· What was said?

· What were you wearing?

· What smells could you smell?

· What exactly was it that made you smile?

Ask yourself all the questions to bring the memory back as vividly as you can. Don’t’ rush, take the time to really remember and savour every detail. If you do this properly your senses will become heightened, you’ll become more alert and this is exactly what we strive for in an RTT session. You should be relaxed but alert. You’re still aware of everything going on around you but it doesn’t affect you because your mind is incredibly relaxed. It’s through this enhanced relaxation that we’re able to bypass the conscious (critical) mind and dig deeply into your life’s experiences. You should be able to recall memories long forgotten or buried deep in your subconscious.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been using this therapy to help with all kinds of mental and even physical issues.

As an RTT practitioner, I specialise in fertility (via video conferencing) helping women all around the world realise their dream of starting a family.

In my next blog post; I’ll help you understand the effects of stress on the mind and body and how it can affect women who are trying to conceive.

Much love until next time.

Paula Hirst

RTT Practitioner

+965 6569 0294

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