Mind & Body Wellness

Mind and Body Wellness is a programme for women in Kuwait who want to drop their weight and get into a healthy lifestyle.

This programme is brought to you by two British ladies, Paula Hirst and Sheila King. Sheila is a personal trainer and nutritionalist and Paula is a Rapid Transformational Therapist.

The 12 week programme consists of:

- RTT sessions and personalised recordings

- Nutritional advice including a live cook-off

- Exercise sessions and tips

- Mindset training

- Fortnightly meetings

- Consistently available support and guidance

- Private closed Facebook group to give and receive understanding and advice from other women also in the programme

We don't focus on diets, we focus on lifestyle and mindset change. 

Our next information evening will be at the end of February, if you would like to be informed when we release the date, please contact Sheila on 9221 7083. Or email us at: