What is 'How to Make a Baby'?

How to Make a Baby is my signature experience, I have included everything you need to balance your mind and your body all within 12 weeks. This 1-2-1 course is designed to banish your baby blocks (those things stuck in your subconscious mind that can keep you from having a baby), I aim to relieve your stress, change your mindset and balance your body and mind leaving you feeling good and in the optimum position for conceiving your baby.

When you are trying to have a baby you really need to be in a good space both mentally and energetically, How to Make a Baby will help you to create that.  

Who is it for?


This programme is for women who have been trying to have a baby for some time or perhaps they have been told they have unexplained infertility.


When there are no symptoms and there is no physical issue showing up often couples are pointed in the direction of IVF or other medical procedures.

Many women find these processes very stressful, mechanical and intrusive. 


This course is for women who do not want to go through that but are not ready to give up. It's for the open-minded and committed, for those who want to get back to nature. 

How does it work?

How to make a baby is HUGELY different to anything else you may find out there at the moment when it comes to getting pregnant, this programme will transform you at the conscious AND subconscious level.

Some of the benefits are:

  • We'll work together weekly over live 1-2-1 video calls.

  • You'll receive 3 RTT sessions which are going to pluck out any negative beliefs and understand exactly why you weren't getting pregnant. 

  • You'll learn some tools and techniques to leave stress behind and change your mindset forever.

  • And time to talk through all of your worries and concerns.