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I'm a practitioner for Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) helping women feel confident, believe in themself and gain success in their business through a variety of different services.

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You have a block... you know there is something stopping you from moving forwards but you just can't put your finger on what it is, when you find the block you can remove it ... RTT is the answer for this.

I talk to women about the power of the mind and how you can use it to help you re-train your subconscious mind for success.

Having a mediation practice will help you sleep better, deal with things in a calmer manner and your energy levels will increase as the stress decreases





For sometime I had this feeling that I needed to “reprogram my mind” in a deeper way than just in a cognitive way or talking about it. I understood that our subconscious mind runs stronger than the conscious mind and the idea of “hypnosis” as a way to reach deep into my subconscious resonated with me much more than any other method of cognitive therapy.

- Laura

I had the privilege to have an RTT session on social anxiety with Paula and I loved it! During the pre-session, Paula made me feel at ease by relating her own experiences regarding the issue and I really felt understood and convinced that she knew the topic very well. And I wasn't disappointed!

- Sonia

When I sought help from Paula, I was exhausted by a lifetime of involuntary social distancing. Ever since I was a chiId, I have had problems connecting with people. This degenerated from what I thought was simple shyness into some sort of emotional and psychological disability. It grew to such an extent that I sometimes found myself more than figuratively running away from contact, even from people I knew. It quite literally stunted my growth.

I had decided to seek help because it was seriously impacting my social and professional life. I had difficulty expressing myself in public and even shrank from accepting some positions of responsibility which exposed me beyond my very limited comfort zone.  I decided to work with Paula because I could not accept that this was to be my life for years to come. I especially felt the need to be a more rounded role model for my young family.

Working with Paula was a relief. She was understanding, empathetic and used her skills to unlock my tightly held pain. My initial hope was to be less fearful, less anxious – and more normal. Now it seems that was only a new starting point.

I’m so glad I did because now I feel lighter. I have greater confidence in connecting with the people around me, so much so that I am actively seeking out opportunities to communicate. I feel free. I feel brave. I am also kinder to myself.

The advice I would give to anyone wanting to take this journey to finding solutions is, don’t wait as long as I did. Take the leap and let Paula fix you. Rapid Transformational Therapy worked for me. It could be the start of a brand new you.

- Jason

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All of my services are online via zoom

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