Imagine if instead of second-guessing yourself you knew yourself so well and felt so connected with yourself that making decisions and taking action was easy, be that making the decision to go for it and get your business started, taking a risk that may move your closer to your dreams, hiring someone to help you, leaving your job or whatever it may be ✨

Imagine having laser sharp focus because your mind is calm and you have an inner drive like never before as well as the patience of a saint 😇

Imagine waking up feeling charged and ready to go and going to bed with a clear mind knowing that you will sleep soundly...


Pretty much everything you do is habitual, you will have heard time and time again that you can’t get a different result by doing the same thing.

You’ve got to do something different, dig about and find what’s going on in your mind, what’s stopping you from reaching your goals and gaining the level of success you deserve because success is a habit ✨

If you have an idea in your mind of how you want to be living, what you want to be doing, how you want to be feeling every single day then that idea is available to you else it wouldn’t be thinking it, however in order to get there or remain there, there is generally work to be done.

Proudly presenting to you!!!

Rise & Shine - Meditation & Manifestation Experience

Join me each month to dive deep into personal & spiritual growth topics all designed to look at what is holding you back in certain areas. We will dig up those old roots and plant some new seeds that will then help you become the absolute best version of yourself.

How this will work… each month we will:

🌟Get together on zoom for 1 hour to work through the topic (I know most of you in here are introverts so don’t worry, I got your back! There will be no awkward introductions and the work will be done alone

🌟We will end each session with a guided meditation designed to help you release what is no longer serving you and align with what will

🌟You will receive the guided meditation via email so that you can listen daily for maximum benefit

🌟You will receive a digital phone cover with affirmations or a mantra so that you may be reminded each day of your new inner strength

🌟And… you will receive a DoTerra premium essential oil to accompany and lock in this experience with scent

By the time we have finished, you will feel like an absolute rock star, ready to Shine and sparkle all over town!

Meditation is such an important practice that many miss, when you meditate regularly you are able to connect far more easily to your intuition and therefore have a guidance system within you like never before, leading you to make quick decisions and trust deeply in yourself.

I want to bring meditation to you in such a wonderful way where the words I guide you through will make feel less anxious and far more empowered.

Consistent personal growth and mindset work will help you let go of doubt, anxiety and fear and allow you to move forwards into the blooming bosom of your dreams

It’s time to Rise up from out of the fuzziness and Shine brightly like the most beautiful brilliant diamond. It’s time to let go and move forwards.


The monthly investment for this membership is £33/$40

Sessions will run on the 1st of each month at 12pm UK and will be recorded for those of you who cannot make it live