I'm Paula Hirst, founder of  THE CLUB, the space for Women new to spirituality and manifesting.

I'm a Practitioner for Rapid Transformational Therapy and the voice and creator of TRANSFORMATIONAL RECORDINGS, life-changing subconscious training audio recordings.

I have always had an interest in the mind and human behaviour and I have been lucky enough to train with the amazing Marissa Peer.


I have used this method myself to conquer social anxiety & a lack of confidence. I've gone from someone who was shy and uncomfortable speaking at dinner parties even with friends and family (unless of course the wine was flowing but that isn't really sustainable!)... to someone who can now speak comfortably at public events.


What is RTT and how can it change your life?

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Hypnosis is a combination of trance and suggestions, it is an altered state of awareness or consciousness. It is used when a client wants to make a specific change in their life. Trance is a state of mind we go into on a daily basis, for example when you are doing a mundane task and your mind is elsewhere. This is a relaxed state, where the brain waves are in lower activity, the same as that of a child or of a person whom meditates, which makes hypnosis a relaxing experience.


Around 10 years ago when I first started meditating I very quickly came to the realisation that meditation can be so much more than simply getting into a state of nothingness and allowing thoughts to pass, it can be used to help us become more in tune with our bodies and intuition, help us manifest and help to dissolve fear and beliefs that limit our lives.

Visualisation has benefitted me in so many ways over the years and applying my vast knowledge of both subjects I created Transformational Recordings. 

These guided meditations are based on giving the habitual mind (subconscious) new words and images to focus on, sending messages to the superconscious (Universe) so that with consistent listening your energy and habits change and you attract that which you desire.

I infuse these with Reiki, which is the life force energy to make them even more powerful. 

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